• BIB(bag in box )filling machine for liquid fertilizer industry

    BIB(bag in box )filling machine for liquid fertilizer industry

    BIB(bag in box )filling machine for liquid fertilizer industry Bag in box Fertilizer is a kind of material that is applied to solid or plant to supply one or more plant nurtrients essential to the growth of plant.  The use of liquid fertilizer and fertilizer-pesticide solutions has increase drama...
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  • What is pasteurization ?

    What is pasteurization ?

    Pasteurization or pasteurization is a process that kills microbes (mainly bacteria) in food and drink, such as milk, juice, canned food, bag in box filling machine and bag in box filler machine and others. It was invented by French scientist Louis Pasteur during the nineteenth century. In 1864 Pa...
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  • BIB—Green Packaging Solution for Wine Industry

    BIB—Green Packaging Solution for Wine Industry

    Consumers are highly aware of environmental problems and consider environmental damage as key threat to the world. Establishing real levels of consumer concern regarding environmental issues is needed to provide a base for advancing product development and market plans for environmentally friendl...
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  • 2018 Propak Asia held in Thailand

    2018 Propak Asia held in Thailand

    Xi’an Shibo Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd attended the Propak Asia held in Thailand on 13th-16th,June.This is our second time to attend Prapak Asia exhibition in Thailand. ProPak Asia is the No. 1 and largest industry event of its kind in Asia. It’s Asia’s best platform to connect to the regions rapid...
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  • Fully Automatic Aseptic Filler in 2017 Dairy Exhibition

    Fully Automatic Aseptic Filler in 2017 Dairy Exhibition

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  • SBFT in China Beverage Equipment Exhibition 2016

    SBFT in China Beverage Equipment Exhibition 2016

    The 12th international brew & beverage processing technology and equipment exhibition for china was held on the 11th Oct till 14th Oct. in shanghai . SBFT is a 10 years bag in box filling machine (filler) manufacture attend this exhibition with SBFT Non aseptic single head  bag in box filling...
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