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    The relationship of flow meter and BIB filling machine

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The relationship of flow meter and BIB filling machine

Mostly customer are not only care about the quality of BIB filling machine but aslo measuring mode,correct measuring, and high accuracy influence the products cost and influence the customer impression of products brand. Once any problem happens related to measuring mode or customer complaint which could a big loss to customer. So the important of measuring is self evidence.

SBFT filling machine provide BIB filling machine with following types of flowmeter:

1.Loadcell is used for customer to fill many kinds of products with fiber or puree. Some customer products with bubbles which could not eliminate before filling. So we suggest loadcell type filling machine. Our loadcell filling machine is weight for the whole filling machine, but the operation part is separate from filling machine. Customer need to pay more attention to the shake of pump and centrifuge working.

2.Magnetic flowmeter is used for mostly products with conductivity. Not used for pure water and oil which have low or no conductivity.

magnetic flowmeter_

3.Turbin flow meter is used for pure water or any poor conduct measuring filling machine

turbin flowmeter_

4.Elliptical gear flowmeter: suitable for viscous and self-lubricating materials

5.Mass flow meter: suitable for high value products with high accuracy filling requirement.

The above listed part of the BIB filling machine measurement form specific to the use of BIB filling machine still has a lot of knowledge need to accumulate in production practice.

bag in box filling machine_

Post time: Aug-05-2019