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    Best package solution for liquid eggs

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Best package solution for liquid eggs

Xi’an Shibo Technology Co.,Ltd provides an innovative bag-in-box solution to the growing demand for liquid eggs.

We have semi-automatic and fully automatic bag in box filling machine for customers’ choose.

Bag in box Packaging Benefits for liquid eggs,

1,The packaging is aseptic which ensures 4 weeks shelf life at 4º C.

2,The bag is either metalized or PE material and can be produced with a variety of fitments according to the customer’s needs.

3,Bag sizes range from 3 lt to 1000 as customer’s required.

Why We Use the BIB Process

1,Quality - The aseptic package goes through a special sterilization process, optimally protecting the packaged product in addition to maintaining varying degrees of oxygen barriers as required.

2,Flexibility - The flexible package is easy to use and protects the contents well.

3,Saving - An attractive economical solution to the packaging and transport of large quantities of liquid foods.

4,Adaptation - It is possible to combine all existing filling accessories on the market.

5,Transport - Easy and convenient to transport long distances.

6,Environment - Less pollution, due to a saving of 70% on raw materials compared to rigid containers of the same volume.




Post time: Jun-13-2019