Xi’an Shi Bo Fluid Technology co. Ltd (SBFT) is the leading manufacturer of the Bag-in-Box (BIB) filling machine in China. Founded in 2006, we have more than 15 years of experience in successful manufacturing and delivery of highly efficient BIB filling machines for various industries.
SBFT is among the highly efficient BIB automatic liquid filling machine manufacturers in India. We are reasonable in design and have numerous variants to fill different kinds of liquid and semi-liquid items, such as water, wine, fruit juices, concentrates, beverages, liquid egg, edible oil, ice cream mix, liquid products, additives, chemicals, pesticide, liquid fertilizer and more. We aim to become one of the leading automatic liquid filling machine manufacturers in India.

Our efficient BIB filling machines are small and exquisite in model. We export BIB automatic filling machines to major markets in Asia and Europe. We target India, UK, Germany, and other countries to build our export portfolio.

Our state-of-the-art BIB automatic filling machines are made with high quality to ensure the high effectiveness of packing liquid products. This will help you immensely in increasing the efficiency and profitability of your business.

SBFT is a leading liquid filling machine manufacturer in India of ASP100A Aseptic BIB filling machine and Auto500 BIB filling machine.

The ASP100A Aseptic BIB filling machine can be used for filling aseptic non-viscous and viscous fluids, such as dairy products, beverages, vegetable juice, jam, concentrates, fruit juice and more. Plus, it can be used to fill medicines and different concentrated products.

The Auto500 BIB filling machine can be best applied for a pre-cut web bag. This is a fully automatic machine. This machine will automatically complete the entire process of web bag transfer, web bag separation, web bag loading as well as unloading.

SBFT, India’s premium liquid filling machine manufacturer, plans to target marque markets such as India, UK, Germany and other European and Asian nations for the export of both the machine types. BIB filling machines are high in demand in the manufacturing industries in these countries.

Being a liquid filling machine manufacturer with expert R&D and Manufacturing teams, SBFT constantly focuses on adding new innovations to the BIB filling machine technology. To know more about our range of products, write to us.