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    BIB200 Bag in Box Semi Automatic Filling Machine

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BIB200 Bag in Box Semi Automatic Filling Machine

Short Description:

Semi-automatic BIB200 single head filling machine  is a modern , high performance filling machine. The semi-automatic BIB200 filling machine is ideal for BIB bags from 2 to 25litres and spout (1 and 2 inch). and Pouch.

Product Detail

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BIB200Bag in Box Semi-automatic filling machine is always applicable to wine, edible oil, liquid egg, sauces, water, condensed milk, detergents, AdBlue, fertilizer, and other liquids for food or non-food industry.

It is a modern, high-performance filling machine with a lower footprint. The BIB200  bag in box semi-automatic filling machine is ideal for BIB bags from 2 to 25litres and Pouch. The operator just needs to insert the bags into the machine fixture, the BIB200Bag in Box Semi-automatic filling machine will complete the process of pulling out the cap, filling, and pulling back the cap automatically.


Diary products (ice mix , cream , milk , condensed milk)
Fruit products ( Juices, pure, jams, and concentrates)
Liquid egg products (Whole egg, egg white and egg yolk)
Post mix and syrups
Sauces(mayonnaise, ketchup)
Water Bakery products
Soy Wine  Edible oil /coking oil
Pharmacy Fertilizer

The Features of the BIB200 Bag in Box Semi Automatic Filling Machine can be described as Sanitary, Safe, and Reliable.

1. It can handle products with high viscosity
2. The BIB bag size range from 1L to 25L with a 1-inch spout.
3. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304, all the surface contacting products are manufactured in stainless steel 316L, other components, such as Rubber, glass, …..are made in sanitary materials approved in food industrial applications, all materials are FDA approved.
4. The machine is designed with safety devices that can protect the operator is accidentally injured by a machine while working.
5. The machine adopts a high-quality electromagnetic flow-meter or weight system  which ensures high filling accuracy over 10 years.
6. It is easy to operate it through Siemens PLC control man-machine interface.
7. Multi languages apply to people from all over the world.
8.    High hygiene level by CIP automatic cleaning system
9. Nitrogen supply and vacuuming function are always available
10. The dripping problem can effectively reduce because of new technology

Technical data

Compressed air:6~8bar 10NL/min
Nitrogen supply pressure: Max2.5bar
Filling accuracy: ± 0.5%
Bagging standard:1 inch spout or gland
Filling capacity:
5L…………360 bags per hour
10L……… 290 bags per hour
20L……….. 180bags per hour


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