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    The mango drum filling machine supplier in India

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The mango drum filling machine supplier in India

The drum filling machine supplier SBFT is 15+ years filling machine experiences with CE certificate in China. Because of the stable working performance and reliable after sales services, SBFT drum filling system has widely used all over the world. As we all know, India has different kinds of tropical fruit, when the fruit season coming, they need to use lots of drum filling machines to help them keep the fruit fresh, so the drum filling machine manufacturer in India has a big demand for the machine.

Since 2016 SBFT exported 1 set of drum filling machine to India, more and more India customers find SBFT for the drum filling machine enquiry. They want to get the high-quality drum filling machine with competitive price and durable equipment. Mango pulp is the usage of drum filling machine in India, India has the biggest mango planting area and the best quality mango in the world, there are 3 kinds of mango in India



Chaunsa is one of the richest, most flavorful, sweet, and juicy mangoes and is considered to be one of the best mangoes in the world! Its unique taste and rich flavor make it quickly swept the world. The variety is cultivated in northern India and launched in July and August. It is characterized by a uniform golden color. Used to make mango juice.



Langra is also a popular mango in the world. It is oval. When the mango is ripe, its color usually changes from green to yellow or light yellow when it is not ripe. The flesh is sweet, juicy, and the size of the fruit is medium. It is available from July to August. This is a fiber-rich variety that is best for canning and slicing!


Alphonso, nicknamed the King of Mangoes, is considered the best fruit variety for sweetness, richness and flavor, and the most popular and widely used variety in India and the world. Alphonso is sweet and juicy, full-bodied, with cream paste in the center, and each mango weighs between 150 and 300 grams. Alphonso fruit is golden yellow, you can identify it by finding a little red on top of the fruit.


Banganapalli is available from April to June, from the town of Banganapalle about 285 kilometers south of Hyderabad. The fruit is oblong oval, about 14 cm long, the flesh is yellow, the skin is thin and smooth. The meat is tough, soft in texture, sweet and lacks fiber. These mangoes are large and weigh about 300-400 grams, and are mainly used to make preservatives.

Drum filling machine suppliers in India not only provide drum filling machines but also provide drum filling system it starts with wash the mango and removes the peel, squeezes, filter, sterilizes and fill it into the drum. The whole process is under the interface control and reduces the labor cost. We sincerely hope the SBFT drum filling machine can help Indian customers to increase the production capacity as well as build a good relationship with the Chinese machine supplier. And then export the best mango juices to the Chinese customer table.

Post time: Jun-08-2020