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    Cider advantage package-bag in box

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Cider advantage package-bag in box

There are a plethora of advantages to using Bag-in-Box for cider packaging. It’s a sustainable choice – not only is the bag and box 100% recyclable, but also lighter and more space-efficient in transit. This reduces the number of vehicles needed to transport it, and the amount of petrol they use up, as their cargo is lightened.

In fact, the cider Bag-in-Box is eight times more sustainable than its glass bottle counterparts, and reduces transport space by up to 92% – that’s quite a cost saving. You can read more about the overall sustainability of Bag-in-Box solutions here.

As well as generally being more eco-friendly, the cider Bag-in-Box® has the advantage of appearing more sustainable to consumers, who are much more likely to opt for a cardboard option over a plastic one when given the choice.

The Bag-in-Box also keeps your cider fresh, reducing oxidation and meaning your customers can pour a tipple whenever they fancy one.

Of course, it’s also less likely to break than traditional glass bottles, with the protective bag layer and the cardboard layer much less susceptible to bumps in transit.


The smallest Bag-in-Box solution for cider, the 3-litre option is a great choice when it comes to selling direct to consumers.

Its compact design means that customers can easily grab it from a supermarket shelf – without the risk of dropping glass bottles, or the strain of carrying them! The cardboard and film combination is much lighter than their glass counterparts, despite holding the same volume of liquid.

This is not only fantastic for the environment, as mentioned before, but also allows a wider range of consumers to safely carry the cider.

If you’re looking for a direct-to-consumer Commerce solution, the 3 litre Bag-in-Box works here too. It is much easier and more economical to ship than traditional glass bottles and allows customers to try your cider in smaller quantities.Of course you also can choose 5l,10L,20L,the big Bag-in-Box enables businesses to sell to trade markets, as well as being a good option if you’re selling directly to consumers solely online.

Its size means that customers benefit from better value for money when they buy direct from your business and can order their favourite  cider in bulk.

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Post time: Oct-20-2021