Along with the government policy of reducing plastic usage, it will be a big test for the company who is using the plastic drum for raw material transfer. Like, fruit juice, syrups, wine, condensate milk, etc.

The actual transfer cost, the drum recycle cost and the transfer quality urge company to reconsider the package method in another new way. So intermediate bulk container 1000L bags attract company attention because it characteristic of eco-friendly, reduce the storage space and transfer cost, the cost of the intermediate bulk container is only 1/2 of the drum.

Intermediate bulk container manufacturers start to promote the package of IBC container customers who in search of these packages.

IBC container suppliers in India focus on this issue and provide customer best solutions according to different kinds of materials with different packages. IBC container is a new kind of package container. It is used for storage, transfer products with non-chemical liquid and food liquid . It is consists of durable and solid plastic with folding outside box.. inner bags and pallet.It can provide high strengthen performance carton IBC and wooden case IBC with as outside box under customer requirements.because both of these boxes can be folded up. So it helps customers reduce the cost of transportation and storage.

IBC container has a widely use:

1. Food area: wine, edible oil, concentrate juice, food addictive, sorbitol, palm oil, sauces, mineral water, and syrups.
2. Industry grease: lubricating oil, lubricating additive, transformer oil, white oil, China wood oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic oil.gear oil, and higher fatty acid.
3. Non-dangerous liquid products: cleaners, detergents, AdBlue, disinfector, surfactant, fertilizer, and herbicide

With the rapid growth of the market, more and more manufacture will choose an intermediate bulk container as their new replacement package to help customers reduce the usage of plastic usage in further business. SBFT is a professional IBC container supplier in India to provide customers the best price with high-quality products to help customers find the most suitable way for the storage and transportation of their products. The capacity of the IBC container is 20% higher than the drum, the transportation cost will reduce 20% compare with the drum package. IBC container also saves the 80% storage space because it can fold up to keep in a small area. It helps the customer to keep up the trend of protection environment while superposition produces invisible economic benefits.



Post time: Jun-04-2020