21th June 2019, The 25th Propak was successfully held in Shanghai. National exhibition and convention. Depend on the high quality BIB filling machine and excellent technical strength, SBFT bag in box filling machine award a good reputation in this packages industry. There are hundreds of customer from abroad and home visit our booth. Customer from Indonesia,Philippines,Malaysia,Singapore,India ,Brazil, Nepal.and etc.some customer confirm the order at site after checking the quality of SBFT filler and rich experiences in this area.

Propak is one of an important professional package exhibition in the world. During this exhibition SBFT show the widely used BIB filling machine BIB200 model. and ASP100 aseptic BIB filling machine ASP100D and ASP100A fully automatic aseptic filling machine. These filling machine are applicable for water, dairy products, sauces, pepper sauces in kitchen, and liquid fertilizer in agriculture, alcohol , lubricant, and ad blue for car care etc. SBFT BIB filling machine has exported to Turkey for ice cream, Belgium for fertilizer, Thailand for sauces, Germany for alcohol, Korea for dairy products, Philippines for juices,Malaysia for coconut etc. During the exhibition, after checking the quality of filler,one of Chinese customer speak without thinking : is this filling machine import? Good quality. Give a thump up. Hahahhahhha,no we design and produce this filler. We have patent.we are proud to say this. Just these few words moved our heart, customer’s recognition is the power to force SBFT work harder.

In this homogenization market and people all think Chinese product cheap price with low quality, SBFT will stick to our original will and go forward to our goals produce high quality BIB filling machine with competitive price, rebuild a new impression of Made in China. This is what we are doing and will do .

BIB filling machine     BIB FILLER

Post time: Jul-04-2019