Xi’an Shibo Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd provides the perfect safe liquid packaging solution to suit your needs. Our Bag-in-Box filling machines products are used to package a wide variety of liquids from sauces, edible oil, wine, fruit juice and liquid egg products to printing inks and chemicals, to name a few. Our filling machines are available to 2 lt., 3 lt., 5 lt., 10 lt., 20 lt., 25 lt bag in box packages.


Xi’an shibo Fluid technology Co.,Ltd is a next generation liquid packaging company with global reach, specializing in Bag-in-Box solutions. We  manufacture the highest quality Bag-in-Box filling machine products with advance technology . Our products are solution specific, and cater to all liquid packaging needs:  from wine, fruit juice and pulp, to egg, dairy, edible oil and others.

Xi’an Shibo Fluid Technology was started in 2006 with 15 experience for bag in box filling system .  according to diversity of market , SBFT produce aseptic and non aseptic filling machine   to   meet   customer   needs   ,   BIB200  、 BIB200D.  BIB500AUTO(First company produce auto filling machine in China).ASP100、 ASP100 AUTO and filling machine line, suitable for 2L, 3L 5L, 200L 1000L


Post time: Jun-13-2019