Have you ever checked the advantages of using bag in box(BIB) flexible packaging for your liquid products?If so ,we recommend you our bag in box filling machine, be the leading manufacturer for bag in box filling machine in Asia,we have advantage technology and high quality to produce bag in box filling machine,we are professional bag in box filling machine supplier in China,and also cooperate with many well known enterprises around the world.

Why bag in box (BIB) packaging more popular in the world recently years?Because there are many benefits for bag in box packaging for your liquid products,first the benefit of bag -in-box packaging ,

It is a reliable, convenient and sustainable liquid packaging solution. Compared to other liquid food and non-food containers, both empty and filled  BAG-IN-BOX packages take up less space during transport or storage, thus saving on logistics and storage costs. The packaging is made so that it would be easy to empty the content of the bag, thus reduce food waste.

Xi’an Shibo Fluid technology Co.,Ltd developed the aseptic and non-aseptic filling machine which enabled the bag-in-box packaging process .BAG-IN-BOX bags are usually used for juice, water, wine, cider; sauces, tomato sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise; syrup, milk, cream; nutritional oil; egg mass; cosmetics; household chemicals.,it is wide application. Bag-in-Box is a hygienic, easy-to-use and flexible solution that is available in a range of sizes from 1liter to 28 liters and it is suitable both for end consumers or as a refill solution.

Summer is coming,and the juice,beverage water etc will have a large demand and the Bag-in-Box packaging solutions are the perfect accompaniment to your first picnics of the year! And more information and professional bag in box packaging solution,please kindly contact us,we will provide you a best solution for your products.


Post time: Jul-03-2020