Consumers are highly aware of environmental problems and consider environmental damage as key threat to the world. Establishing real levels of consumer concern regarding environmental issues is needed to provide a base for advancing product development and market plans for environmentally friendly products and services. Bag in box packaging for wine is an attempt towards environmentally friendly packaging.

For wine in a box is made to appeal to consumer’s wallet, taste buds and environmental conscience . The main evil is those heavy glass bottles that are stuffed with a cork. Sealed with a foil capsule , and decorated with complicated labeling. If every wine sold in the US came in a box instead of a bottle , it would be the equivalent of taking 250,000 cars off the road per year.

The advantages of bag in box wines include the ability to serve one glass at a time and keep the remainder fresh for up to six weeks in the fridge. With vacuum bottles, in today’s age. The environment is becoming a stronger influence in the decision making process for all companies worldwide. BIB generates approximately 50% of the carbon dioxide emission s and creates 85% less waste than glass , extremely positive position that may be utilised  in the brand owners marketing messaging.

BIB packages applications to restaurants and banquets. It offers convenience to customer serving also cost optimization for the restaurant and banquet owners . Also from the point of view of environment . There is a significant consumer support for BIB as alternative packaging formats . 3L BIB causes 82% Less CO2 than a glass bottle. Whereas a 1.5L BIB generates 71% less CO2 than a glass bottle. Thus going green packaging for wine is step towards protecting our mother earth.

Post time: Apr-25-2019