Since the end of May 2019 BIB200 and AUTO500 filling machine arrived at customer factory. SBFT engineer started the busy installation and commissioning work. As a professional manufacturer of box-in-bag egg filling machine, the quality of equipment is strictly controlled, carefully debugged, and stable operation. The engineers present at the site have to admire the high-quality egg liquid filling machine equipment of SBFT, and praise SBFT engineer’s professional and responsibility.

 liquid egg filing machine

In the nutrition sector, liquid egg has the reputation of a whole nutritious food. The digestible protein, fat, minerals and vitamins contained in eggs play a very important role in human diet and body health, enhance memory, lower blood sugar, and control weight, improve immunity, etc., so the wide application of egg liquids makes customers have to increase the production and filling volume of existing egg liquid to meet the needs of the market.bag-in-box egg filling machine BIB200, box-in-bag egg filling machine AUTO500 reduces personnel costs and machine maintenance issues on the basis of satisfying customers’ daily filling volume of 20 tons of liquid egg , as an industry TOP1 egg Liquid manufacturer of Korea customer, the daily heavy egg liquid filling volume will be affected by the operator’s proficiency, whether the machine can run stably affect the output, and the sSBFT AUTO500 automatic egg liquid filling machine solves the problem of personnel and machine. The resulting instability in the volume of the filling and the full automation of the filling reduces the company’s requirements for personnel and the cost of labor.

 liquid egg filler

After the completion of the first phase of liquid egg filling and equipment in the customer’s on-site egg filling task, the customer’s high recognition of the SBFT egg filling machine has made the SBFT reach to a new step. In the increasingly widespread market for egg liquid applications, more and more customers will know the bag liquid egg filling machine of SBFT.

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Post time: Jul-22-2019