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BIB220 filling machine is a kind of compact and high-efficiency bag in box & bag in drum filling machine, it can meet customer requirement to fill a 3-25L bag in box and 220L bag in drum by one equipment. ​with the characters of finishing the process of uncapping, capping, and sealing according to the specific program setting.BIB220 awards a good reputation.

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Equipment Characteristics

The whole equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304, all the  surface contacting products are manufactured in stainless steel 316L , other components , such as rubber, glass, …..are made in sanitary materials .

The product equipped with the control system consisting of the man-machine interface and PLC is easy and clear for operation. In addition , it also has function of automatic check and protection. The flowmeter measuring system improves the filling accuracy and achieve the dosing filling.

BIB220 filling machine suitable for different sizes of bags.which makes production flexibility

According to customer requirements to choose nitrogen supply or vacuuming


Technical Parameters

Filling flow: 5T/H

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Filling capacity: 220-250bag/hour 10L   15~18bag/hour 220L;

Compressed air: 6~8bar 15NL/min

Nitrogen supply pressure: Max2.5bar

Capacity: 0.5KW, 220VAC 50HZ


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