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Auto500 BIB filling machine is appropriate for pre-cut web bag, the machine finish the whole process of web bags transfer,  bags separation, bag loading and unloading  automatically.

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Applications of Auo500 filling machine :

Tea concentrates
Diary products (ice mix , cream , milk , condensed milk)
Fruit products ( Juices, pure, jams, and concentrates)
Liquid egg products (Whole egg, egg white and egg yolk)
Post mix and syrups
Sauces(mayonnaise, ketchup)
Water Bakery products
Soy Wine  Edible oil /coking oil
Pharmacy Fertilizer


Features of AUTO500 filling machine:

1.Auto500 BIB Filling Machine adopts the stainless steel frame structure, it is characterized by small volume, light weight, convenient installation and flexible movement.
2.With full-automatic bagging, no manual operation is required in the whole filling process, thus reducing the labour intensity of workers and improving the packing quality.
3.AUTO500 filling machine suitable for different sizes of web bags.which makes production flexibility
4.. High mechanical assembly accuracy can ensure reliable and continuous operation of actions.
5.The whole machine is made of SUS304, the parts contact with food use SUS316L
6.With CIP cleaning function


Technical data:

Compressed air:6~8bar 30NL/min
Nitrogen supply pressure:Max2.5bar
Filling accuracy:filling volume ± 0.5%
Power: 220V AC 50HZ 1.5KW
Compressed air:  6-8bar   1.5m³/h
Bagging standard:1 inch spout

Filling capacity:

5L…………  up to 400-500 bags per hour
10L………… up to 300-400 bags  per hour
20L………….up to 200-300 bags per hour


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