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ASP200 single head bag in drum Aseptic filling machine fill a wide range of products like fruit puree, vegetable juices , jam, herbal medicine extracted liquor,etc. Horizontal filling effectively solve the problem of condensation water drop outside the bag and get products mouldy

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ASP200 single head bag in drum Aseptic Filling Machine

Features :

The product equipped with the control system consisting of the man-machine interface and PLC  is easy and clear  for operation. In addition , it also has function of automatic check and protection. Protection function: electromagnetic flowmeter system increase the filling accuracy and reach the ration filling


Tea concentrates
Diary products (ice mix , cream , milk , condensed milk)
Fruit products ( Juices, pure, jams, and concentrates)
Liquid egg products (Whole egg, egg white and egg yolk)
Post mix and syrups
Sauces(mayonnaise, ketchup)
Water Bakery products
Soy Wine  Edible oil /coking oil
Pharmacy Fertilizer

Technical Parameter:

ASP200(Single head)
Filling capacity:  3~4T/h
Bag standard: 1 inch opening aseptic bag
Encapsulation precision: 0.5Kg
Compressed air:6~8bar 25NL/min
Food steam:6~8bar 50Kg/h
Electric power:3KVA 380V 50HZ
Hydraulic fluctuating
Mass flow meter(E+H)

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