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ASP200D double head Aseptic filling machine utmost reduce the fruit juice back flow and repeat sterilization which may cause product color flavor losing. It can meet customer needs of large quantity products filling at short time.

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ASP200D Dual Head Aseptic Filling Machine Features :

1.Our company manufacture kinds of aseptic filling machine. The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, the surface contact with products is 316L, and other spare parts of bolt are made of stainless steel. The rolling bear and knuckle bearing is made of high intensity engineering plastic, there is no possibility of corrosion. These are all fully meet requirement of food safety.
2.The product equipped with the control system consisting of the man-machine interface and PLC is easy and clear for operation. In addition , it also has function of automatic check and protection. Protection function: electromagnetic flowmeter system increase the filling accuracy and reach the ration filling.
3. The moving parts has steam screen protection and the sealed aseptic chamber ensure sterility. It has a complete protection system if low temperature happens

Technical Parameter:

Filling capacity: 6~12T/h
Bag standard: 1 inch spout aseptic bag
Encapsulation precision: 0.5Kg
Compressed air:6~8bar 25NL/min
Food steam:6~8bar 50Kg/h
Electric power:5KVA 380V 50HZ
Hydraulic fluctuating
Mass flow meter

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