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ASP100A  automatic aseptic filling machine is applicable to the aseptic filling of viscous or non-viscous fluids such as fruit juice , concentrates, jam, vegetable juice, beverage, diary products, pharmacy or other concentrated products, which can aseptically fill continuous aseptic web bags in aseptic rooms and automatically separate and output them.

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The Continuous Bag aseptic Filling Machine (ASP100A) is applicable for the aseptic filling of viscous or non-viscous fluid products such as fruit pulp, condensed juice, jam, vegetable juice, dairy products, pharmaceuticals or other concentrates. The machine can complete the aseptic filling of continuous aseptic bags in its own aseptic chamber, and then automatically separate and deliver these aseptic web bags.

 Advantages of SBFT filling machine:

1. The key parts of main pneumatic and electric devices adopt the imported accessories to ensure system stability. This machine has reliable performance and is ease of operation.
2. High mechanical assembly accuracy can ensure reliable and continuous operation of machine.
3. ASP100A aseptic chamber is subject to aseptic treatment before filling, thus the whole filling process is conducted in a aseptic environment.
4. The parts connected with food stuff are food grade pipe which conforms to the requirement of food hygiene
5. The operation interface is Chinese and English system ,which is easy operate

Technical data:

Food steam:6~8bar  60kg/h
Filling accuracy:filling volume ± 0.5%
Power: 220V AC 50HZ 1.5KW
Compressed air:  6-8bar   60KG/H
Bagging standard:1 inch spout

Filling capacity:

5L…………  up to 310 bags per hour
10L………… up to 240 bags per hour
20L………….up to 160 bags per hour

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